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Cookie policy

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A cookie is a little file that we place on your device if you consent. Cookies enable us to recognize that you have already visited our website and remember your preferences.

Cookies can help us remember the things you clicked to purchase on one page so they are added to your cart.

Cookies also assist us in gathering information about how you use our website, which allows us to guarantee that any advertising you see is relevant and valuable to you.

Cookies assist us in determining how you use our website and how we might improve it. This means we have the data we need to determine whether our website truly fits your needs on a regular basis. Some of the cookies we employ improve the functioning of our website, therefore if you choose to deactivate cookies on your browser, you may be unable to access some sections of our website, or portions of the website may not perform as expected.

How do we use cookies

Cookies we use enable us to differentiate you from other website visitors. This enables us to offer you a positive browsing experience and enhance our website. We are bound by law to give you clear and thorough information about the cookies we use, so if this page does not address all of your concerns, please contact us at [email protected].

Our cookies do not save anything that might be used to individually identify you, such as your contact information.

What types of cookies do we use

We use the following cookies:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies
  • Analytical/Performance Cookies
  • Functionality Cookies
  • Targeting Cookies.

How to disable cookies

Cookies can be blocked by enabling the browser setting that allows you to deny the setting of all or certain cookies. You may be unable to access all or portions of our website if you use your browser settings to disable all cookies (including necessary cookies). Cookies are restricted differently depending on the browser you use. Please contact us if you require any other information.

Security & confidentiality

Cookies do not contain viruses. They are written in the form of basic text. They are not formed of code and hence cannot be executed by themselves. As a result, they cannot be cloned or copied into other networks in order to be started and copied again. Cookies cannot be considered viruses since they cannot accomplish such functions.

Most browsers have built-in privacy settings that enable various levels of acceptance of cookies, the duration of their validity, and their automated deletion once a user has visited a certain website.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us whenever you have any questions about the cookies we use on our website. You can write us at [email protected].

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