Loyalty Program


Loyalty Program

Did you know that your body and mind need minerals, vitamins, and supplements to work well? Now you know it!

Nowadays,  people think they don't need to take any vitamins to have the energy and motivation to keep improving who they are.

You can have some vitamins and energy by eating healthy food, but still, some minerals cannot be produced in your body by themselves. They have to be stimulated. That's why taking vitamins from time to time is a good idea!

We have a special offer for loyal customers! Now you can get discounts on your favorite products! Buy something on our website and get another product at reduced price.

How to get a discount? Every time you purchase any product on our website the next purchase will be counted at lower price. That's how you can save your money and keep using your favourite brands products.

What is the amount of discount I can get?
Keep in mind that every time you buy something for the defined amount of money, you'll get discount for further purchases. Buy something for 100£ or more to get 1% discount for the next purchase. You can buy something for 500£ or more to get 2% discount. We take care of our loyal customers, that's why we offer you to get more discounts. Make a 1000£ purchase to get 3% discount. If you want to get maximum 4-5% discounts make a purchase for 2500-5000£ on our website.

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